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Kate collaborated directly with renowned automotive designer Ian Callum, on this exciting automotive project. Kate took the lead on CMF for the V25 which was launched at Concours of Elegance in September 2019.

This involved the development of signature finishes and the Callum tartan that is now a feature of the brand. This was considerately applied in the interior and exterior as a bespoke embroidery and feature on custom meshes. The project also included collaborative work with luxury fashion brand Mulberry on a set of luggage and luxury watchmaker Bremont on a timepiece for the V25’s interior.

2022_08_09 Portfolio for website20

The initial look and feel palette for the V25. Masculine, elegant and modern. A daring pop of signature Callum orange, developed during this project. 

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The application of the signature finishes: CNC cut speakers, exterior meshes and digital embroidery. Orange accents on both brake callipers and exhausts. 

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2022_08_09 Portfolio for website22

 Above, Mulberry x Callum Designs luggage, featuring the Callum signature tartan.


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