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Skipton Big Ideas: Where Waste Meets Design took place in Jersey in June and July 2022. Kate curated the exhibition, which was focused on issues around waste, for ArtHouse Jersey.  A talented group of makers, artists and designers, were invited to transform waste material into pieces of art and design live in the gallery space. After 5 weeks of making, workshops, talks and demonstrations there followed 2 weeks of a more traditional exhibition, to reflect on and celebrate the provocative and inspiring work made. 

The makers included: Designers - Rafael El Baz, Micaella Pedros, Andrew Scott, Isabel Fletcher, Bianca Padidar, Alicia Rowbotham & Alice Burnhope. Artists - Liz Elton, Oliver Le Gresley, Karen Le Roy Harris & Kerry-Jane Warner.

Design consultancy PriestmanGoode designed furniture for this exhibition in a project titled Knot Waste. 

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 Above, PriestmanGoode, Knot Waste furniture for Where Waste Meets Design. PG also designed a kit of instructions that can be downloaded to make furniture from waste at home.

Below, details from the display which included work by Gavin Keightley, PriestmanGoode, Helen Kirkum, Harry Peck, Luisa Kahlfeldt, Liz Elton, Anna Shipley and Basse Stittgen.

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Above, the Material Library. Alongside works created in the space and inspiring projects addressing the issues around waste was a library of materials, commercially available today. This included bioplastics, recycled plastics, textiles, leather alternatives, tiles and composites,  

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The gallery space at Capital House during Skipton Big Ideas: Where Waste Meets Design. The work shown here, in the final display, was made live in the space. Photographer Natalie Mayer captured the work in progress. Above, artworks by Liz Elton & Anna Shipley alongside Natalie's photographs. A collaborative quilt by Alice Burnhope, hacked bistro chair by Micaella Pedros & a detail from Thin Skinned by Liz Elton.


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